Friends Electric: Craft and automation in the 21st Century

Automation, in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, continues to permeate society. The problem with machines, specifically with regard to labour and value can be traced back at least to Capital… Continue reading

Artisan Automation

This installation was inspired by the increasing presence of robotics in the world and in the press and particularly around job security. It was set up to provoke discussion about automation, robotics and the… Continue reading

Production, destruction and reproduction of space 

The disciplines associated with the built environment generally makes buildings and places based on presumptions of how people will use them. Vitruvius’ Ten Books on Architecture was published in the year 15BC and… Continue reading

Conceptions of Home

To enquire into robotics and the home we must first understand ‘home.’ To do this I draw on Heidegger who, in Building Dwelling Thinking1 differentiates between building and dwelling. Here his focus is on… Continue reading


The effects of robotics on human interaction and identity in the built environment. We are currently on the cusp of robotics spilling out of factories and automotive workshops and into our homes and… Continue reading

Computation and Intuition: A Design Perspective

Since Vitruvius the built environment has been designed by balancing rules with creative intuition. In the face of contemporary computational intelligence has this balance shifted? Does this intelligence support or supplant design or… Continue reading

Asset Management Part 2 ( or the territorialisation and deterritorialisation of space)

Philosophers Deleuze and Guattari have explored space as a conglomeration of things by bringing together the themes of territorialisation and assemblage (Deleuze and Guattari 2004, 366–367). This is predominantly the way space has… Continue reading

Asset Management (or notes on the annihilation of space)

Facility, space and asset management systems are at once pervasive and clandestine. They are critical in the management of any commercial building and are paradoxically both ubiquitous and invisible. As our understanding of how… Continue reading

Robotics Workshop

We held a robotics workshop this week in combination with Auckland University, Auckland University of Technology and colab, a laboratory for design and creative technology. It was a result of several things converging… Continue reading

Advanced Design and Data

By Patrica Balbas, Pei Wang, Xi Zheng & Flora Yang Geo-spatial data is providing additional digital layers to place, creating a techno-social atmosphere, it is providing us with new insights into how and… Continue reading